::Pc To Phone::


You live in a country where it is expensive to make long distance and int'l calls, download and install our Dialer PC2Phone on an internet-enabled PC. Register online for a PC2Phone account, once you received your access information, enter the User Id you had chosen and the password you received from us, and you are ready to make calls. See our low Rates and how much you can save


- easy to use softphone offering high quality voice calls.

- account balance display

- rate per minute for entered phone number (displayed before the call)

- maximum duration for the call, timer (showing real time as it elapses)

- phone book stored on the server's side, audio wizard.

Support for various USB phones.

How it works:

1) Download PCWebfone/Phone2PC and if you in a country blocking voip, the Un-Blocker software and install.

2) After installation an icon named Webfone will be created on the desktop. Click on it in order to start the softphone. The installer also creates an icon called SIPlink in Programs Menu

3) Enter your username and password in appropriate fields on the login screen. If you do not have them, you can obtain them immediatly by registering online.

4) How to use:

Call to USA/Canada: dial 1 + Area Code + 7-digits Number

Call to All other countries: dial Country Code+ City Code+ Number

e.g. 442070316067 where 44 is the country code of United Kingdom


According to PcWebfone rates list

Note: The softphone can make/receive calls from behind NATs and firewall systems thanks to our proprietary VOIPtunnel technology.